Get Social 2014

imagesGM0NBUACThe Get Social conference which took place in the Helix on October 14th 2014 gave me an invaluable insight as to how much social media marketing is worth, new technologies that are being developed to ascertain consumer interest and good marketing strategies in general.

Theo Lynn – Business Innovation Platform Director at Dublin City University

Dr. Theo Lynn’s presentation caught my attention as it posed many questions such as what people talk about on social media and why? For dfginstance more people were talking about the death of Paul Walker than the death of Nelson Mandela back in December 2013. What do people want and Why? This is been researched through technologies such as data mining including clustering and classification, Natural Language Processing and Custom Ontologies such as brand, function, features etc. Who is influential on social media such as twitter and why? Did you know that Aleksandr Orlov (a meerkat) has a higher  outreach level (7/12) than Enda Kenny (3/12)! There is also research is looking into how to solve problems such as cyberbullying through the cyberbullying prevention platform Uonevu which is used to detect cyberbullying. His presentation also opened my eyes to the amount of research into technology occurring in DCU. We have the National Centre for cloud computing (IC4) which also works with University College Cork and Athlone Institute of Technology.

Deirdre Hogan- GAJO

gajoDeirdre Hogan is a research scientist from the school of computing here in DCU! Her presentation discussed targeted advertising. Her company GAJO provides a quick and easy way of finding yourhogan target audience on social media by matching purchase intent with advertisers. She discussed the problems associated with key word targeting on social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter such as irrelevant content and been able to come up with the optimal set of key words. GAJO filters the noise on these platforms saving you time and providing you with valuable leads. It classifies posts, tweets and user intent filters, demographic filters and by discovering communities. Improved targeting leads to a higher click-through rate and better conversion rates.

Jane McDaid- ThinkHouse

think housThink house is a youth communications agency helping some of the world’s biggest brands to connect with 18-35 year olds through digital and tradition media. They work with brands such as Ben &Jerry’s, eBay, Coca Cola and Heineken just to name a few! This for me was the most entertaining and by far the most engaging of the presentations as I already have a keen interest in media and video making. ThinkHouses videos immediately caught my attention leaving me wanting to hear and see more! It seems I’m not the only one though who engages with audio visual content though. A whopping 52% of consumers say that they would watch a promotional video and that they then feel more confident about their purchasing decisions! 92% of mobile viewers share videos with their peers making them more important than TV as they have a larger outreach! Think house are employed to make and upload audio visual content with a wide clout outreaching traditional media. Jane then brought us through the seven sins of killer videos


  1. Comedy
  2. Epicthink
  3. Emotive
  4. Wtf?
  5. Zeitgeist
  6. NSFW (not suitable for work)
  7. Informational

Lucy Campbell-RTÉ Digital

What do RTÉ Digital do I hear you ask? Well they: lucy

  • Meet audience needs
  • Drive Innovation
  • Support leadership in Ireland’s digital economy
  • Support RTÉs commercial goals
  • Create a digital organisation cultureRTÉ Digital also allows users to interact with their services through initiatives such as GAAGO allowing people outside of Ireland to not only stream matches but to send their stories from around the world too! What I liked about this presentation was that it was easy to follow with lots of facts and figures such as; 89% Of adults have access to a device that is mobile, makes you wonder about the other 11%though! 53% of 16-30year olds would rather lose their sense of smell than to not be socially connected through technology. This figure astounded me as I would have though it to be much lower, I myself am in the other 47% who would prefer to be able to step back and smell the roses. We consume almost 30% of content via our mobiles however only 4% of Irish companies have mobile optimised sites! Over 73% of RTÉ traffic comes from mobile services. The average 15-24 year old spends 179 minutes online every weekday this figure increases to 187 minutes at the weekend. 59% Growth of Tablet video usage in 2013rte Ireland has the 2nd fastest growing online audience in Europe!

Lucy also pointed out that
1.Good Content marketing and sound social strategy lets your audience join the conversation
2.Become an essential and active part of your audience digital network.  

Alan Coleman-Wolfgang Digital

alanAnother presentation that really caught my attention was that of Alan Coleman with his outrageous story of how his company set up a sex shop as a training exercise. they gained a valuable insight into business from their customers’ perspective. With the potential for a great marketing story they decided in March of last year to “come out”. Alan wrote a blog post announcing that Wolfgang digital had been running a sex shop for the past year and a half, the story was published by the guardian! And with clients such as red bull who can argue with that strategy! Alan then went on to discuss Friday 16th august 2013 Google when went down for about 4 minutes within that time there was a 40% drop off in internet usage, Google makes the World Wide Web go round it seems. Did you know that the top two forms of advertising aren’t actually advertising at all with recommendations from people you know taking the top spot and internet reviews coming in second! He then talked about the battle of the online beast’s Google and Facebook. Facebook newsfeed ads are 51 times more likely to be clicked on than display ads however, its conversion rates suck in comparison to Google.

What I really liked about this presentation though aside from the hilarious sex shop antidote was that he gave us key takeaways at the end to refocus everybody which I found extremely helpful.w

Key Takeaways:

  1. Think path to purchase
  2. The next frontier are the ligaments that join the specialists together
  3. And to use social media to create brand advocacy and generate search interest.


Nicolas Cappiello- Sales Director LinkedIn

With 300million members in 200 different countries LinkedIn is connecting people on a global scale. LinkedIn’s aim is to connect the world’s professionals to allow them to be more productive and therefore more successful. Most people have a social media site such as Facebook for their personal lives LinkedIn encourages them to invest the same in their career.  

“Our longer-term visionnick is … to build the world’s first economic graph … to visualize every economic opportunity in the world, every skilllink required to obtain those opportunities.”

Jeff Weiner CEO at LinkedIn

Eric Weaver-IPG MediaBrands

e The final speaker of the day was the Chief Social Officer at IPG MediaBrands Eirc Weaver. He discussed Oreo’s marketing campaign the Oreo Twist which aimed to make this old cookie young again to help us understand the “ACE” (Ads, content, Engagement) skills concept. the campaign allowed consumers to get involved and engage with the brand everyday day for 100 days as a way of celebrating Oreos 100th anniversary. this campaign gained a huge response with 230 million impressions and 1 million new Facebook fans. He then went on to talk about paid advertisement on social media. On average there are 1500 stories per newsfeed refresh, however most of us do not see these unless the brand pays for advertising boosts.  Weaver then went on to discuss media earned cash. This is where if you for example invest €10000 in the promotion of your content on social media you could earn 5X what you invest (€50000) from earned media produced by new fans. He also pointed out that it was important not to over post as it may cause a brand to lose fans as people feel like they are being spammed. By just posting once a day you can have a higher fan retention rate and save money. Not just a metric Earned Media is an important part of the marketing mix.m
“Consumers generate 500 billion impressions upon one another annually — over 25% of the total that advertisers make.”